Q. Will there be a design setup charge?

A. No. We do not charge any design setup. There are no hidden charges whet so ever. You pay for the products and shipping charges if applicable and nothing other than that.

Q. Do I need to setup an account before ordering?

A. No. You do not need to set up an account with us before placing an order. At The Ace Card Company we have tried to make the process very simple and straight forward for the customer and have kept our systems customer centric.

Q. So how do I place an order and what is the process for ordering?

1. Fill up the “Request A Quote” Form and let us know the details of your project. Complete the form by proving as much details as possible using the “Remarks” Column. Let us know your exact requirements. Ideally, we need to know the exact specifications of the project explaining the contents required and the quantity you wish to order.
2. Upon receiving your E-Mail, our estimation staff will work out a quote for you as per specifications provided. We’ll forward a quote for you to review.
3. Upon approving the quote, the order is officially placed and we’ll ask that you send your files over for pre-press to check and provide feedback.
4. You can send your art files using www.wetransfer.com for us to download.
5. We shall start working with the files and forward PDF proof files for approval. Any issues and our pre-press staff will re-work with the files. Once approved we shall be ready to take the job into production.
6. During this time, we can offer samples of similar projects done for clients in your country by our company, so you can assess quality of products that we can offer.
7. Mass production shall then begin and our staff will work with you on shipping arrangements.
8. At any time before, during, or after production you can get project updates as you may need. We’re here to make the experience simple and easy for you!
9. All our processes are customer centric.

Q. What are the acceptable file formats for print production?

A. We accept Adobe Illustrator files up to Version CS6. You can also provide Adobe Photoshop files in PSD format. Ideally we need the native files with all layers. PDF files are also acceptable. Fonts used on files should either be provided in a fonts folder or all fonts should be converted to outlines. All text is required as Vector. Raster text will not print sharp and shall have issues.
We also accept Coral Draw X7 files. You can also provide TIFF and JPG files but these should not have text within the TIFF or JPG files.

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity?

A. Yes there is a minimum order quantity. The Ace Card Company is most economical on medium to large order quantities. Our company has two manufacturing plants in India and encourages customers to take advantage of low manufacturing costs while keeping the quality parameters at the highest levels. Our minimum are 2000 units but we can look at slightly lower quantities if may be required. At any given day we are manufacturing 50000-unit upwards orders for many of our clients worldwide.

Q. What is your production period?

A. Production time depends on the type of project you need manufactured. A medium quantity order for custom playing cards or a card game where you shall probably need Poker (or a special) size cards and maybe an instruction sheet, shall be different from an order for a party game with almost 500 cards per game box with further packing into rigid game boxes. This again shall have different production time lines from a Board Game with special components going into making the product. It all depends on the project. We have the infrastructure to complete almost any project in record time but can probably give time lines after understanding the nature of the project. Please do understand that production dates shall be marked only after approval of proofs by the client.

Q. Does The Ace Card Company provide ink proofs?

A. Yes, we do provide digital proofs if requested by the customer. Certain charges are involved. However to give you a ballpark figure, digital proofs for a custom playing card or card game set shall be $ 40.00 including the shipping costs to your door. A full board game shall have a higher proofing charge but the above mentioned price point enables you to see that our proofing charges are very economical as $ 40.00 charge including Fedex delivery cost is pretty low when these are being shipped from overseas.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes, we ship to almost anywhere across the world. We can deliver to an International airport close to you, a CFS, a warehouse or do door delivery if required. We can also do Amazon deliveries if required.

Q. What is the acceptable mode of payment?

A. The most convenient payment mode shall be Wire Transfer of funds. We also accept credit card payments.

Q. Where do you manufacture the products? How do you ship?

A. All products are manufactured at our two production plants in India and either shipped by couriers like FedEx or DHL or shipped to an International airport or shipped by sea route to be delivered either to a CFS, or a warehouse or door delivered.

Q. Where are your Order Cancelation or Return policies?

A. All the products that we make are customized as per client specifications. We request our customers to make sure that all proofs are checked by them thoroughly before giving approvals. All sales are final, and binding once ordered and paid for. You cannot cancel an order midway as inventory will be moved into your customer account the day you place an order with us. We work in three shifts moving production 24 hours a day and once an order is placed, it can go into production with hours. As we have a large production capacity thus at times even large orders may be printed within a day. If you have placed an order and wish to cancel and if it has gone into production, then we cannot allow a cancellation of the order or make a refund. We make sure that we ship an extremely good quality product to all customers. However, if due to any reason you find a defect with the job order then it is requested to please inform us within 5 days of receiving the goods. Your sales rep will immediately address the issue and find a solution for the same. We will make all possible efforts to correct the problem.