Custom Playing Cards and Games


Cards and Games designed to ones taste, imagination, views, needs or even any other weird aspirations make cards and games what they are known as custom playing cards and games.

Yes! You got it right – just visualize and we will make your concept into a product.

These cards can have customized front and back to meet any purpose or full fill any game requirement. The colors can be as many as you need and so could be the artwork, whether it’s on front or back. It could be full color or black and white. It could be with an impression or a watermark. It could be with some UV security or just a hidden mark to secure the authenticity and the integrity of the pack. The artwork could be any – paintings, sceneries, photographs, formats, patterns, arrays, impressions or anything which satiates designers urge, reflects his heart, imprint his mind and soul.

The size of the cards can also be customized to fit any hand. It could be for kids, adolescents, adults, seniors or a mix comprising all ages. The size could be as the usual rectangular or circular, oval, triangular, pentagonal or even octagonal. The cards could be of regular or irregular, uniform or non-uniform, small or big, or of any size. They could be small in size, jumbo size, bridge or poker size or any other size to meet the need and ease the flow. You think and it is shaped. It’s that simple.

The similar flexibility applies to the number. There’s no set rule to derive the number of cards in a deck or a pack. The deck could be of as small as of 10 cards or as large as of 500, even more. The subsets within a deck are also there. There could be 10 cards of one category, 20 of another and even more for the third. There’s no limitation on a number of subsets too. There could be a single set in the entire deck or could be more than ten in a single deck. The choice lies with the designer and the sets come by utility to meet the objective of the game.

These cards can be printed in high gloss, medium gloss or low gloss and could similarly have high slip, medium slip or low slip. These custom cards can be printed either on paper or plastic depending upon the durability or longevity they are intended for. They could be plastic coated or even laminated to fit all budgets/needs. You decide the budget and it can be achieved. No surprises!

The tuck box could be again customized to any extent to pacify ones imaginations and fuel players passion. It could be of card board with a flap or with a magnetic lock. It could be of wood with a special logo, signature or even with a punch line to provoke not only the players, rather the strangers to open, view and play.

In a nutshell when your cards are printed as per your requirements and specifications without being subject to any rules, they become your custom playing cards or games. So, push the boundaries, remove the barriers, and be in flow to get your new customized playing cards and games.