Personalized Playing Cards


We have been manufacturing Personalized playing cards for many years now. We have been supplying playing cards to casinos, poker rooms and bridge clubs with their logo and design. We normally make Bridge size cards for poker rooms and bridge clubs and Poker size cards for casinos. Plastic playing cards are our speciality and we cater to the a customer base that looks for 100% plastic playing cards for their gaming tables. Our plastic cards have that snap and slip that you find on paper cards and this enables the players to get the longevity of plastic but the feel of paper playing cards. Printing of these cards is being done under UV as well as LED light process and this makes sure that the ink does not fade for many many games. All these come under personalized playing cards category as the card backs are personalized as per requirement of the clubs and casinos. These cards are made in large quantities as the requirement of these organisations is large and poker clubs, casinos and rooms need playing cards on a regular basis.