Playing cards have been used for promoting products by marketers for decades. As people love to play with cards so businesses have been using this medium to get more eyeballs on their brand and logo by putting them on the card backs and offering the cards as freebees to customers. Almost every home has a pack of cards and people love to play with them. Cards are not too expensive a medium for companies to use for branding and promotion. This helps brands fulfill their marketing needs and gets eyeballs on the brand logo.

The Ace Card Company has been making promotional playing cards for all segments of industry. We have a dedicated sales team looking into promotional playing cards and make almost six million packs of such cards annually. Most airlines take playing cards for in flight sales and distribution. Almost all liquor brands have procured promotional playing cards for different brands at some time. Even the mobile industry has created playing cards with pictures of different products on the numbers side. Steel industry, cement manufacturers, pharma industry, FMCG, liquor, automobiles, spare parts, pesticides. You name an industry and we must have made promotional playing cards for them at some time or the other.

Promotional playing cards are ordered in different quantities and this is because of the industry that is targeting it’s audience. Take for example a restaurant that will normally order just a few thousand packs where as liquor industry normally orders in millions. A restaurant would offer probably a couple packs of cards to the guests coming to have lunch or dinner. On the other hand when a liquor brand decides to offer promotional playing cards then they will do it for a brand and will offer a pack of cards with each bottle of a small production run of a brand is normally fifty thousand or more. Running this with five to ten brands makes it to a million packs. As the volumes are very high for such industries so they tend to buy economically priced playing card packs. Same is the case with the Tobacco Industry as they tend to take playing cards in millions if they decide to use them for their promotional needs.

If you are looking to promote your brand and looking to get an economical promotional product and targeting a large audience, then this is one of the best medium as people love to play with cards and this is a product that will be used many times before being discarded. Do get in touch with us and we will offer different options to satisfy your creative needs. Our production plant is printing playing cards use the latest printing machines and you can view our print production here: