Hello – February was the month of some major Tarot deck production being done at the plant. We completed 9 different projects ranging from 1500 to 5000 units and a few of them were from www.kickstarter.com. Tarot decks are printed on 350 GSM to 450 GSM black core playing card sheets. Most tarot decks have very high-quality artworks and we always print these cards using UV inks. There are some buyers who need high gloss cards whereas others who look for medium to a dull finish. However, almost all buyers want those easy slip properties on the cards so the cards slip easily in hand. Cards that do not slip tend to wear our faster so it is important to have the right amount of cost on the cards so the slip can be achieved. Tarot decks also have been packed in high-quality fancy packaging using rigid boxes in the majority of the projects. Almost all boxes have been made on 2 mm chipboard to give that elegance and feel. We have used ribbons extensively in the box making process. We also print on the inside of these rigid boxes making the boxes look very exclusive.