Welcome to The Ace Card Company. We have installed our 5th printing machine recently and it’s once again a KBA 105 press. As printing machines are a very complex set up and need highly trained staff to run them so we have invested in the best German brand of printing presses and as of today all presses at our plant are from KBA, Germany. We welcome clients to visit our production plant and see for themselves the production process. We have made some huge investments in this new machine and plan to cater to the growing market of casino playing cards as well as card games and board games. This press has the capacity to print and cure UV inks through interdeck system. The print size being 28”x 40” and printing of 70 gsm thin sheets till 1 mm thick sheets is a possibility on this press. Production speed being 15000 sheet per hour as normal these days it is going to enhance our casino playing cards capacity.